Asimov, Isaac
- The Dead Past
- Legal Rites - with Frederik Pohl
- What If...

Beaumont, Charles
- The New People

Bradbury, Ray
- The Handler
- The Trolley

Brown, Fredric
- Death of a Vampire
- The Ghost Breakers
- Twice-Killed Corpse

Budrys, Algis
- The War Is Over

Byram, George
- The Wonder Horse

Campbell, John W.
- Twilight

Cobb, Irvin S.
- Fishhead

Collier, John
- Bottle Party
- A Classic Affair
- Softly Walks the Beetle

Collins, Nancy A.
- Iphigenia

Collins, Wilkie
- The Biter Bit
- The Dream Woman
- Mad Monkton
- A Stolen Letter
- A Terribly Strange Bed

Dahl, Roald
- The Landlady
- Mrs. Bixby and the Colonel’s Coat
- Parson's Pleasure
- The Way Up to Heaven
- William and Mary

Davidson, Avram
- The Golem

del Rey, Lester
- Helen O'Loy

Disch, Thomas M.
- The Roaches

Doyle, Arthur Conan
- The American's Tale
- The Captain of the Polestar
- The Great Keinplatz Experiment
- J. Habakuk Jephson’s Statement
- John Barrington Cowles
- The Los Amigos Fiasco
- Lot No. 249
- Playing With Fire
- The Ring of Thoth

Dunsany, Lord
- The Highwayman

Ellison, Harlan
- I Have No Mouth, and I Must Scream

Emmett, Nicholas
- Brains on the Dump

Fast, Howard
- The Martian Shop

Finney, Jack
- The Love Letter

Fisher, Philip M.
- Fungus Isle

Gaskell, Elizabeth
- Cumberland Sheep-Shearers
- A Dark Night's Work
- The Grey Woman
- Libbie Marsh’s Three Eras
- Six Weeks at Heppenheim

Gibson, William
- Johnny Mnemonic

Henderson, Zenna
- Wilderness

Hoffmann, E. T. A.
- The Sandman

Irving, Washington
- The Conquest By the Moon

Jackson, Shirley
- The Daemon Lover
- Got a Letter From Jimmy
- Like Mother Used to Make
- The Lottery
- The Witch

Jacobi, Carl
- The Cane
- The Coach on the Ring
- Cosmic Teletype
- The Digging at Pisol Key
- The Kite
- Mive
- Phantom Brass
- Revelations in Black
- The Satanic Piano
- The Spectral Pistol
- Writing on the Wall

Jacobs, W. W.
- The Monkey's Paw

Jenkins, Will F.
- Doomsday Deferred

Keller, M.D., David H.
- The Worm

King, Stephen
- The Boogeyman
- Children of the Corn
- Graveyard Shift
- Gray Matter
- I Am the Doorway
- The Ledge
- The Mangler
- The Mist
- Night Surf
- One for the Road
- Trucks

Kipling, Rudyard
- With the Night Mail

Kuttner, Henry
- Pegasus

Le Fanu, J. Sheridan
- Dickon the Devil
- Schalken the Painter

LeGuin, Ursula K.
- Field of Vision

Lem, Stanislaw
- Doctor Diagoras

London, Jack
- The Shadow and the Flash

Lovecraft, H. P.
- Beyond the Wall of Sleep
- Dagon
- The Tomb

McAllister, Bruce
- The Faces Outside

Merritt, A.
- The Face in the Abyss

Miller, Lion
- The Available Data on the Worp Reaction

Poe, Edgar Allan
- The Assignation
- The Balloon-Hoax
- The Facts in the Case of M. Valdemar
- The Gold-Bug
- Mellonta Tauta
- Mesmeric Revelation
- Metzengerstein
- Morella
- The Oval Portrait
- The Unparalleled Adventure of One Hans Pfaall
- Von Kempelen and His Discovery

Pohl, Frederik
- Fermi and Frost
- Legal Rites - with Isaac Asimov

Purtill, Richard L.
-Something in the Blood

Quinn, Seabury
- Roads

Robbins, Tod
- The Toys of Fate

- The Open Window
- Srendi Vashtar

Seabright, Idris
- See St. Clair, Margaret

Sheckley, Robert
- Emissary From a Green and Yellow World

Silverberg, Robert
- The Wind and the Rain

Slesar, Henry
- Examination Day

St. Clair, Margaret
- Short in the Chest - as Idris Seabright
- White Goddess - as Idris Seabright

Stoker, Bram
- Burial of the Rats

Sturgeon, Theodore
- Baby Is Three
- Killdozer

Tenn, William
- The Human Angle

Thurber, James
- Interview With a Lemming

Verne, Jules
- A Drama in Mexico: The First Ships of the Mexican Navy
- A Drama in the Air
- Dr. Ox
- Master Zacharius, or The Clockmaker Who Lost His Soul
- A Winter Amid the Ice

Vonnegut, Kurt
- Harrison Bergeron

Weinbaum, Stanley G.
- A Martian Odyssey

Wells, H. G.
- Aepyornis Island
- The Argonauts of the Air
- The Lord of the Dynamos

Willeford, Charles
- The Machine in Ward Eleven

Woolrich, Cornell
- The Death of Me
- Death Sits in the Dentist's Chair
- Kiss of the Cobra
- Murder in Wax
- Preview of Death
- Red Liberty

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